Thursday, June 12, 2008

About the Author

I'm John Regan, author of Louder Than Jesus Fish. I'm writing this blog for two reasons: 1.) To encourage and challenge ministers in their personal and 'professional' lives; and, 2.) To discipline myself to carefully interpret, exposit and apply Scripture.

The Christian life is about knowing God, not knowing godliness, or even knowing about God. In a postmodern American Christianity where people carelessly espouse Jesus with their words, yet live even more careless lives, I want to inspire a simple solid relationship with Jesus. I want to get back to the basics of Christianity. I've seen too many ministers that are caught up in sin or distractions (even good ministry-related distractions!) and have forgotten what life is all about. My hope is that my writings will offer Bible Study with some real substance for those in the trenches of spiritual warfare, as well as thought-provoking discussion to motivate and encourage fervent action over mere cognitive validation of the truths of Scripture.

I'm pretty much a regular guy. I'm a husband, father of three awesome kids, Army veteran, "Minister of Students and Worship," and seminary student.
My Wife and I