Friday, July 4, 2008

On Patriotism

[This is actually a comment I left over at Purgatorio a couple of years ago, while I was still in the Army. It speaks about Patriotism in relation to my faith in Jesus Christ.]

I am an American soldier, sworn, willing and able to protect the constitution of the United States with my own life. However, my allegiance is first and foremost to the Kingdom of God.

I love America, with all of her imperfections (to put it mildly!). I enjoy freedom of religion, although I believe that it makes many Christians fat and lazy. I have the ability to teach my family about our God without fear of what would happen to them because of it. I have the opportunity to worship Him freely (although the places where I may do so are shrinking). This is why I love America.

However, I love my God so much more. He has given me a freedom that cannot be taken away by the will of Men. He has set me free from the punishment that I so shamefully deserve. How much more precious is that, over some man-given freedom to attend church!

I thank God for America, the land where I worhsip freely, but I praise Him so much more for giving me the reason to worship!

I am a Patriot, and a Christian, but I take care not to mix the two.

Happy Birthday, America!